8 Considerations for a Successful Software Project

Did you know that only 16% [1] of software projects come in on-time and on-budget? Additionally, many of the completed projects deliver fewer features than were promised. This means that not only will it cost you more, but you get less!

Not only have I seen this, but I have been involved in some of those projects. Vague requirements, lack of user input, and no planning all contributed to projects that failed to deliver.

That is why I put together this guide, so you can take advantage of my experience to avoid these pitfalls. If you're purchasing new software or have an upcoming software project then you owe it to yourself to take 5 minutes to read my free guide and learn the 8 most critical considerations to make sure your software project is one of those 16% that come in on-time and on-budget!

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[1] https://www.projectsmart.co.uk/white-papers/chaos-report.pdf